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frequently asked questions (updated!)

What time do I need to be there? +

Check in opens at 5:00 PM on Friday, September 20th, the opening ceremony will be at 7:15 pm.
For leaving, closing ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 22nd and is expected to end by 12:15 PM. The projects demo fair will be held in the morning starting at 9:00 AM.

What's the parking situation? +

tldr; park at the Apache Blvd Structure on Apache Blvd and Normal Ave.
ASU is hosting a lot of events this weekend, you may have trouble parking. If you're able to, please carpool/rideshare/etc. If you park at any of the garages know that you'll have to pay for your stay until 6AM on Saturday morning (when the gates to the garage open). Then you'll be able to freely come and go. Parking may get very busy from 1p - 9p as a result of an ASU football game and Gammage event in the evening on Saturday. The northern parking garages will not be free to access. Sunday will have no parking issues.

Can I get travel reimbursement? +

We unfortunately do not yet have the funds to reimburse our attendees for their travel. We sincerely apologize, but hope you understand. In the future when we're bigger, we hope to be able to help you out, so stay tuned!

I'm not able to make it to check-in, what do I do? +

Email us at team@sunhacks.io

Code of Conduct? +

As a Major League Hacking member event, we require all attendees (hackers, volunteers, mentors, sponsors, etc) to follow Major League Hacking’s Code of Conduct.
If you find yourself needing to report a violation of the Code of Conduct, please call this number: +1 (409) 202-6060, or email incidents@mlh.io.

What do I need to bring? +

You'll need to bring a laptop, charger, any tech you might want to hack on or with. As we are a 3 day hackathon, we encourage you to bring toiletries and any other materials you deem relevant. We highly encourage you bring sleeping paraphernalia to ensure you get a good night's rest each night (or not, we understand you're excited to hack, but remember to take care of yourself!). We will have a sleeping area designated and showers will be provided! So don't forget to bring towel and soap!
In addition, sunhacks is working toward becoming a sustainable hackathon, that means we aren't providing water bottles this year, and are asking that you bring your own. Since we'll be providing coffee as well, we encourage you to bring your own mug (you might get a chance to show it off on our social media and win something for it!)

Do I need to stay the whole time? +

To get the full hackathon experience we highly recommend you stay, but we understand if you need to leave (or if you want to sleep in a real bed for the night).

My question wasn't answered :( +

Ask our organizers in our ask-organizers channel slack! Or DM Sunny! (sunhacks team)

What's the wifi? +

SSID: sunhacks
password: happyHacking

What will be provided? +

The entire weekend is free! That means free food, free snacks, free swag, and a ton of hardware for you to check out and work with. Bring yourself and whatever you need to be successful!

I lost/found something, what do I do? +

Go to the help desk found in the Lobby!

What's there to do? +

Talk to hackers and mentors and sponsors, oh my, attend talks hosted by sponsors and local tech community members, or our info sessions if you're new to hacking! There's also fun activities thoughout the weekend!

I've got food allergies, what can I eat? +

This weekend we'll be serving a variety of meals and did our best to accommodate as many food allergies as possible. If you have questions about it, please don't hesitate to ask us. Here's the full list though:

Friday Dinner: Venezia’s: gluten free and vegetarian options
Saturday Breakfast: Chompies: gluten free and vegan options
Saturday Lunch: Firehouse: gluten free and vegan options
Saturday Dinner: Carolinas: gluten free and vegan options
Sunday Breakfast: Jason’s deli: gluten free and vegetarian options

Note, vegetarian options are also dairy free with the exception of Friday night dinner. Vegan options on Sunday morning are fresh fruit due to baked goods containing eggs.

What is a hackathon? +

Hackathons are places where you can have many unique experiences. Check out what you can do by coming to sunhacks's info sessions throughout the hackathon hosted by us! (see: Hacking Your First Hackathon, Git Familiar with Version Control, Putting Your Dev in Devpost!)

How do I win prizes +

Submit your project to devpost (here!) before the submissions are due on Sunday at 7:30AM! You can keep hacking til 8AM though. If you're still a little confused, checkout our info session, Putting Your Dev in Devpost!
Then, come to the demo session and pitch your project to our judges on Sunday from 9AM-11AM!

What if I miss a talk? +

We've asked our speakers to sign up for the slack in case you want to ask them a question after their talk. We've asked if they're comfortable sharing their slides, to upload them to a folder for all to see here

What about hardware hacks? +

MLH will be generously renting out cutting edge technology to the hackers. From Oculus Rifts to Arduinos, the sky is the limit. If you have hardware or tools, you are more than welcome to bring them as well.

Find yourself having these thoughts? "I'm not good enough." "I don't know how to code"? +

sunhacks exists to help combat those thoughts. We're working on building a community that people especially like you can be a part of. We want to help you defy those thoughts, find that network of support, and flourish! We focus on addressing these concerns by providing introductory workshops, encouraging mentors to interact with all hackers, and creating a positive environment. Please don't feel bad asking a mentor questions, they're there to help and have been given a guide on how to best help you.

How do teams work? +

The max team size is 4, but the minimum team size is one (meaning yes, you can work by yourself). We'd encourage you to work in a team so you can have people to learn from, bounce ideas off of, and break work down into manageable chunks!

What if I don't have a team?+

Don't have a team? That's okay, after our opening ceremony, stick around to find some team members who want to help you with your project—or maybe you want to help them with theirs! We have activities planned to help you find your dream team. Check out the team-building channel in our slack before the hackathon to see if you can find someone before hacking starts!


Thank you so much to our sponsors who help make sunhacks possible!
Interested in sponsoring? Please email industry@sunhacks.io